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Pole Fitness or Aerial Hoop , Flexibility & Strength

Do you feel lost in your training at home? Lack structure to progress?


Are you struggling to know where to begin and what to do without feeling overwhelmed?


Want to do it all, like build strength, learn new moves as well as create combos but also increase flexibility so you can progress towards the more advanced level but don't know how to fit it all in each week?


I hear you and have created the Ultimate Progression Programme for YOU. Everything you need in one place to make it super easy to make massive progress!


  • Levelled Lessons

    Each lesson begins with a warm up, conditioning (strength building moves), static and spin tricks, combo to link moves together and cool down. 

  • Super Easy - Click Play

    No need to figure out what to do, lessons are all pre recorded in order and ready for you to click play and follow along from anywhere in the world.

  • Suitable for Low Height Training

    These lessons are designed for those who have little space and training height (below 9ft) so you can be sure you will be able to do almost everything in the area you have available to you.

A question I get asked often is how do I progress, I don't even know where to start? 


I hear you. That's why these structured levelled follow along lessons were created. No throwing yourself in the deep end and hoping for the best, that's how injuries happen, pole is a journey and I want you to learn as much as possible in a logical order. 


Just starting out, this is the place to start. Some of the moves we'll cover:


  • Front / Back Hook Spin
  • Fireman Spin 
  • Skater Pose
  • Basic Seat 
  • Wrist Seat
  • Crucifix 


  • Delilah 
  • Man in the Moon
  • Arabesque 
  • Mermaid 
  • Pike under the Bar


Higher Beginner

Have some experience? This level will cover moves such as:



  • Climbing
  • Hood Ornament
  • Cross Knee Release
  • Stargazer
  • Shooting Star
  • Boomerang Spin
  • Tuck Tilt Invert

Aerial Hoop

  • Amazon
  • Half Seated Roll
  • Superman
  • Star in the Bars
  • Gazelle
  • Front Balance


After covering the Beginner level you should have built the strength to invert without swinging. This level will cover moves such as:


  • Chopper
  • Butterfly
  • Outside & Inside Leg Hang
  • Superman
  • Apprentice
  • Thread Through Spin

Aerial Hoop

  • Single Leg Hang
  • Wineglass
  • Jigsaw Drop 
  • Hip Hold
  • Crucifix
  • Scarab

Higher Intermediate

Being able to master all the intermediate levels are essential as this will expand on that. This level will cover moves such as:


  • Brass Monkey
  • Extended Butterfly
  • Allegra
  • 1 Hand Caterpillar
  • Jade Split
  • Dead Lift Chopper

Aerial Hoop

  • Jigsaw Split
  • Inverted Man in the Moon
  • Bees Knees
  • Archer
  • Russian Mount
  • Russian Split


Example Lessons

I know you may not think you can progress very well at home, because you have been trying already and getting frustrated. I am here to completely change that for you. When you know what to do, progression in learning pole at home is fun.

I have included a couple of tricks your can learn from within the structured lessons so you can see how we can help you progress.


Instructor Kelly 

I started my pole and aerial journey 10+ years ago with no dance or gymnastic background, I can completely relate to the challenges my students face when starting their journey, believe me when I say I couldn't get my feet off the floor and hold my weight!


After 5 years of teaching in my own studio in Plymouth UK, I wanted to impact even more amazing people which is why PPA started. Having learnt so many amazing tricks and tips that has made a huge difference in students progress, it was about time I shared with you all to make it far easier to learn at home



Kelly Morgan

Pole Power Academy Creator


As a UPP member, you'll be able to access coaching each week as and when you need it. 

Planning Coaching Calls - A plan = progression, if you are not sure what to put in your plan or want it checked over to keep you accountable! Book in for the planning coaching call and we'll help you.  

Tricks Coaching Calls- struggling with a move or want to know if you are doing it right? This is what this coaching call is all about. No need to struggle or figure it out on your own once you're a member. 

Grading Coaching Call- Optional but recommended, this is to help you ensure you have developed the skills to pass a level to progress onto the next level. In this coaching call, you will be given feedback to ensure you know what you need to do to successfully pass Power Power Academy Grading. 



Make this the year you get your nemesis! I will be completely honest with you, there is no magic trick to mastering the chopper/pike mount, but following a sequence of moves that will make that core strong and quickly is key and that's what this programme is all about! Are you ready? 

Follow Along Videos

We'll do it together to get it done! Literally click play and I'll show you exactly what to do.


X4 Sections

Every section progresses on from the last to reach your goal.



Self Pace

Everyone is unique and will progress at their own rate. You follow 1 section at a time until you have nailed it



Front Splits and Back & Shoulder Courses

Each course has 2 follow along lessons a week, 45-60mins per session for 12 consecutive weeks


Not sure if you are doing it right and want to check or maybe you have questions? Email or post in the members only group!

Progress Check Points

At week 4 , 8 and 12 you'll be asked to post your progress pics to ensure you are on track.

Back & Shoulder Member Results 

Front Splits Results 


Workouts with little to no equipment


Core Blast Sessions

Build a super solid core at home - 30min workouts that need no equipment! 

These sessions will help you invert/get upside down in the pole/aerial world

Body Blast Sessions

Get strong for pole an aerial with these mini workouts. Designed to get increase strength and minimise injuries. A mix between body weights, resistance bands and a fit ball to spice things up. 

Anytime, anywhere!

Sessions are pre recorded so you can do that at a time to suit you around work or kids, anytime and anywhere. 

Repetition is key, pay once and get lifetime access.


If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got! 

Make the change and start progressing today!


Pole / Aerial Hoop Galore is an awesome site part of the programme where you will be able to access a load of amazing individual trick tutorials, combos and conditioning to further advance your knowledge and skills. 


Perfect for those who have completed the structured lessons and are ready to learn more, whether for themselves or for teaching purposes to create lesson plans.

  • Tricks - Pick and choose from individual tricks from a range of levels to expand on the foundations and get creative, often you will find trending moves doing the rounds added here

  • Combos - Continue to link moves together which will help develop your strength and stamina

  • Conditioning- Build your strength and challenge your ability to aid further progression. A range of conditioning tricks that will help spice your workout up. 


The Ultimate Progression Programme has been created so that you have everything that you need, when you need it. So in summary what you'll get when you join is the following...

  • Structured Foundation Lessons 

    12 week lessons, each follow on from the last so you can ensure you don't miss any foundational skills

    • Beginner 
    • Higher Beginner
    • Intermediate
    • Higher Intermediate
  • Get Strong @ Home 

    30min workouts you can do anywhere and anytime to build strength, stamina and reduce injuries for pole and aerial.


  • Flexibility 

    12 week courses that have seen AMAZING results for members time and time again

    • Front Splits
    • Back & Shoulders
  • Master the Chopper / Master the Pike Mount

    Build a super strong core to get upside down safely and take your ability to the next level


  • Pole/Aerial Hoop Galore 

    Access a whole library of tricks and combos that you can pick and choose from which is update regularly so there is always something new to learn and expand on your knowledge.

  • Member Community Group 

    Have questions or simply want to share your progress with others who are learning just like you! This is where you need to be


  • Weekly Coaching Calls

    You are never on your own, keep yourself accountable with planning calls, ensure you nail those tricks or make sure you're doing it right with tricks coaching and level up with grading coaching calls - everything you need to progress. 

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Bonuses included in the Programme


Pole Magic e-Book


This e-book is full of pics of pole moves and their names. You can write your own notes next to each move as reminder tips. 


Pole Trackers - Printable


Each pole level has a printable tracker you can download and print out. This is a great way to help learn names of moves and keep on track on what you have and haven't mastered. 


Live Zoom Lessons


Each month you will be able to access a live zoom session to interact, get real time feedback, tips and have fun joining in with the community 


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