Ultimate Pole Progression Programme

You don't need to struggle and figure it all out on your own. This programme makes it super simple for you to make massive progress. Everything you need to build strength, flexibility, trick knowledge and confidence. 

Ultimate Aerial Hoop Progression Programme

New to Aerial Hoop and train with low height at home or at studio?  This programme has everything you need to get started and increase your knowledge, confidence and skills. 


Instructor Kelly 

I started my pole and aerial journey 10+ years ago with no dance or gymnastic background, I can completely relate to the challenges my students face when starting their journey, believe me when I say I couldn't get my feet off the floor and hold my weight!


After 5 years of teaching in my own studio in Plymouth UK, I wanted to impact even more amazing people which is why PPA started. Having learnt so many amazing tricks and tips that has made a huge difference in students progress, it was about time I shared with you all to make it far easier to learn at home



Kelly Morgan

Pole Power Academy Creator

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