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Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop & Flexibility

Fed up wasting money down the drain every month, not making any progress? PPA is like no other. Let me tell you more and you can decide if it's right for you!

Why Pole Power Academy is Awesome for you!

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    Levelled Lessons To Ensure You Progress

    Learning in a progressional order is the safest and fastest way to progress. No need to feel over whelmed as these lessons are already made for you, you don't have to figure out what to do, simply click play and follow from warm up to cool down and all the juicy stuff in between.

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    Flexibility Lessons

    Whether you are wanting to increase your shoulder and back flexibility or get into your splits, there are 12 week courses waiting for you to start. These have proven to see results time and time again. No need to figure out what stretches to do or for how long as I do it a long with you.  

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    I know trying to figure out how to put moves together is the hardest part, so in each lesson not only will your learn a bunch of tricks/moves but you'll also learn a combo too. 

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    PPA Community

    You are never alone when you're part of the PPA community, a bunch of awesome members who are all progressing together. Sometimes you're not sure if you're doing a move properly, cause lets face it, pole never feels 'right' or you just want to celebrate, and rightly so! The members only group is where you need to be! 

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

If you are one that signs up for things but doesn't commit because of lack of know how...


Or maybe you suffer from shiny object syndrome where you want to do everything and end up achieving nothing...


Being a PPA VIP is for you.

You'll gain access to monthly coaching and mentoring, this is where we'll work together to create an action plan suited to your goals.

I'll give you access to what you need, when you need it to ensure you don't over whelm yourself which will lead to massive progress. 

Here's What You'll Get!



This is where you want to begin if you have never done pole/aerial before or want to refresh the basics. You'll learn about shoulder engagement and good positioning as well as learn a bunch of tricks and combos.

Pole Moves 

  • Sits,
  • Front/Back Hook,
  • Upright Crucifix.

Aerial Hoop -

  • Delilah,
  • Secretary,
  • Mermaid

Higher Beginner Lessons

This is where you level up and develop on those beginner moves. 

You'll start to see how much stronger you have become and able to do moves a lot more easier.

Pole Moves -

  • Cross Knee Release,
  • Hood Ornament,
  • Fankick  

Aerial Hoop -

  • Gazelle,
  • Mexican,
  • Star in the Bars



This is where we step it up a notch. Now you have the strength and knowledge from beginners, we'll be able to start all the upside down (invert) goodness.

Poles Move -

  • Gemini,
  • Butterfly,
  • Superman 

Aerial Hoop -

  • Scarabs,
  • Hips Holds,
  • Inverted Man in the Moon

Higher Intermediate


Now you'll feel stronger than ever to  work on progressing moves to the harder version

Pole example -

  • Butterfly to Extended Butterfly, 
  • Fallen Star to Hangglider,
  • Aerial Chopper 

Aerial Hoop -

  • Russian Splits,
  • Jigsaw Split



12 week courses ensure you practice regularly for awesome results. Each week has 2 lesson at approx 45mins long. Warm up included too, you simply click and start right away. 

  • Front Splits Course
  • Back & Shoulders Course

Core & Body Blast Lessons

Building strength off the pole and aerial hoop is super important to help minimise injuries and help you progress quicker.

These lessons are less than 30mins long to help you fit it into any busy schedule. 


More about the levels 

Each level above has a minimum of 12 lessons. These lessons are your foundations, with pole and aerial there are soooo many weird and wonderful shapes that can be created but they all come from the foundations.


The foundations are the moves that I consider key moves to nail as they will help you understand your positioning, how to create good knee and elbow locks, how to create space between you and the pole/hoop for certain moves and transitions, what should be pulling and pushing to keep you secure.

What about after completing each level? 

After you have completed each level, you are encouraged to grade, this is where you submit videos (or we can zoom), you'll show me completing each of the moves on the grading sheet (you will find inside PPA), this is to see how well you really know the moves, can you get into and out of the moves safely, if so you will be passed, awarded a certificate and a PPA grading tshirt (each level has a different coloured tshirt so you can collect them) If not I will talk you through exactly what you need to do to pass. 


Of course you don't have to grade and if you don't feel ready or want to move up a level, you'll be able to access our massive tricks and combos section. This is called Pole Galore, where you can find a whole heap of weird and wonderful moves you can work on all laid out in levels too. So if you have completed beginner foundation lessons you can try out the beginner individual tricks and combos inside Pole Galore to continue to build your strength and flexibility 

By the way, you don't need to do both Pole AND Aerial Hoop - For most people they usually only have one or the other but you'll have the option to access both.


Free Example Tutorials From Inside Structured Lessons.

Instructor Kelly 

I started my pole journey 10 years ago with no dance or gymnastic background, I can completely relate to the challenges my students face when starting their pole journey, believe me when I say I couldn't get my feet off the floor for a fireman spin I had literally no strength.


After 5 years of teaching in my own studio in Plymouth UK, I wanted to impact even more amazing people which is why PPA started. Having learnt so many amazing tricks and tips that has made a huge difference in students progress, it was about time I shared with you all. 



Kelly Morgan

Pole Power Academy Creator

Take a sneaky peak at what you get when you join PPA Pole Membership

Is this Membership Right for You?


  • For those who are wanting to learn tricks, transitions and combos in a structured progressional way

  • For those who will get stuck in and willing to give it a go. 

  • For those who want to make progress and willing to do what it takes.

  • For those who want a supportive community and reach out where needed


  • Not for those who aren't willing to try

  • Not for those who ignore their coaching sessions. 

  • Not for those who are looking for a magic trick to build strength without working for it. 

  • Not for those who complain and say it doesn't work and not even asking for help

  • Not for those who are not willing to invest in their pole education 



I'm so sure you will make massive progress with Pole Power Academy that I'm willing to give a whole 7 days free access to everything, so you have absolutely nothing to lose to give it a try.

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Not only do you get access to all the lessons to get stuck into.... I want to help you keep motivated and stay on track. 

Help you create a schedule

When you sign up we'll schedule to have a chat either by zoom or email to find out what your goals are. I will then help you create a schedule so you know exactly what to do, when and how to navigate PPA so there is literally nothing stopping you from making huge progress. 

Coaching/ Mentoring 

Once a month, we'll invite you to book a zoom chat (or email if preferred) This is to go through your schedule, answer any of your questions and adjust anything needed to help you take a step further to reaching your goals!  You can achieve anything but only if you believe you can. Keeping your mind focussed is key these sessions are to help you with that. 


Each foundation level has a downloadable tracker. This is so you can print it out and tick off each move as you feel you have mastered it. Once tracker is completed you can then grade and get ready to level up. 

Grading + FREE PPA Tshirt

Grading means you'll share your videos with just the PPA team or we can do it with a zoom call of a range of moves from the level you are grading for. We will be looking out for how well you can do the moves, can you get into and out of it safely, we will give you tips for improvement to ensure you continue to see progress. You are not alone in this! 

No Contract

Most members stay for a very long time as they continue to get more value and progress month after month, but it's good to know that if circumstances do change, you can cancel your PPA membership at anytime, no ties, no minimum stay required.  

Member Progress Pics

What will I need? 

  • A safe pole - one that can switch between static and spin as we will be using both in the lessons. (Recommend 
  • x2 Yoga Blocks
  • Yoga Mat 
  • Foam Roller 
  • For Aerial Hoop you will need a safe setup, the easiest way to hoop at home is to have a freestanding A-Frame, hoop, carabiner and strops. These can be purchased from or

Become a Member


7-day free trial for new members.

  • 24/7 Access 

  • Both Pole & Aerial Hoop Levelled Foundation Lessons 

  • Core & Body Blast Lessons

  • Flexibility Courses

  • Pole Galore

  • Aerial Hoop Galore

  • PPA VIP Community FB Group

  • VIP Bonuses & Coaching


billed per month


Become a VIP 




PPA VIP Membership

Everything above plus the following

  • Monthly Coaching/Mentoring 

  • Grading included

  • PPA Grading VIP Tshirts

  • Trackers for each level

  • Personalised schedule 

  • Nutrition Guide

  • Personal Support by Kelly 

  • Extra Live Zoom Classes Included

  • PPA Community - Members ONLY group


billed per month


Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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