UPP - Foundations (Module 1)

Foundation Pole Lessons and Strength Building. (Master the Chopper/Shoulder Mount & Ayesha & Core/Body Blast)

UPP - Developmental (Module 2)

Developmental Pole Trick Lessons & Flexibility (Splits + Back & Shoulders)

UPP - Creativity (Module 3)

Creative Pole Trick Lessons & Pole Flow

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Community Challenges & Events

Challenges and events for PPA members




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Pole Lessons - Foundations

Foundations - everything you need to get started!

Pole Lessons - Developmental

Developmental - progressing your skills from foundations.

Pole Lessons - Creativity

Creativity - covering mini workshops and the weird and wonderful

Pole Flow - Jade Strugnell

Pole Flow - Jade Strugnell

Get Strong & Flexi

Body Blast Lessons Core Blast Lessons Front Splits 12 week course Bridge 12 week course


Goal Specific Programmes. Chopper, Shoulder Mount, Ayesha, Iron X

Zoom Lessons & Coaching

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Pole Galore - A-Z

Pole Trick & Combo Tutorials - Pick And Choose The Moves You Want To Do.

PPA Books

PPA Books & Downloads

Aerial Hoop - Structured Lessons

Aerial Hoop Lessons in a progressional and levelled format

Master the Pike Mount (Aerial Hoop)

Goal Specific Programmes

Aerial Hoop Galore

Aerial Hoop Trick & Combo Tutorials - Pick And Choose The Moves You Want To Do.

Heels - Pole Choreography with Suz

Heels - Pole Choreography with Suz

Instructor Success Programme

Building confidence in teaching, one step at a time


Mission 500 crazy memberships - one of a kind

Pole Circuits

Building strength and stamina with on and off the pole exercises.

Flexibility Courses

12 week courses to get flexi

Affiliate Programme

Helping you make money and feel good helping others

TEAM PPA Training

Training for team members of PPA