UPP - Foundations (Module 1)

Foundation Pole Lessons and Strength Building. (Master the Chopper/Shoulder Mount & Ayesha & Core/Body Blast)

UPP - Developmental (Module 2)

Developmental Pole Trick Lessons & Flexibility (Splits + Back & Shoulders)

UPP - Creativity (Module 3)

Creative Pole Trick Lessons & Pole Flow

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Community Challenges

Challenges and events for PPA members




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Pole Lessons - Foundations

Foundations - everything you need to get started!

Pole Lessons - Developmental

Developmental - progressing your skills from foundations.

Pole Lessons - Creativity

Creativity - covering mini workshops and the weird and wonderful

Pole Flow - Jade Strugnell

Pole Flow - Jade Strugnell

Get Strong & Flexi

Body Blast Lessons Core Blast Lessons Front Splits 12 week course Bridge 12 week course

Master the Chopper/Shoulder Mount/Ayesha

Goal Specific Programmes. Chopper, Shoulder Mount, Ayesha

Zoom Lessons & Coaching

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Pole Galore - A-Z

Pole Trick & Combo Tutorials - Pick And Choose The Moves You Want To Do.

PPA Books

PPA Books & Downloads

Aerial Hoop - Structured Lessons

Aerial Hoop Lessons in a progressional and levelled format

Master the Pike Mount (Aerial Hoop)

Goal Specific Programmes

Aerial Hoop Galore

Aerial Hoop Trick & Combo Tutorials - Pick And Choose The Moves You Want To Do.

Heels - Pole Choreography with Suz

Heels - Pole Choreography with Suz

Instructor Success Programme

Building confidence in teaching, one step at a time


Mission 500 crazy memberships - one of a kind

Pole Circuits

Building strength and stamina with on and off the pole exercises.