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PPA Expert

About the role


Location: Virtual

Position: PPA Expert

Salary: To be discussed

Hours Per Week: 10 

 03 Sep 2021

 17 Sep 2021


Vacancy Type:

Self Employed

Can you help us support our many members with our online programme to aid their pole progression by joining us as a PPA Expert?


With training at home becoming more the norm every day and more and more members joining us realising the importance of progressing in a logical safe manner, we make it our duty to ensure they get the support they need to succeed. And this is where you come in. 


As a PPA Expert you will be responsible for delivering our signature programme - Ultimate Progression Programme (UPP)

UPP is for anyone wanting to progress in pole at home following our structured levelled lessons with full support.


As a PPA Expert, you will be responsible for streaming our lessons. The programme includes creating personalised plans, tracking member progress on a weekly basis- making sure they have completed each lesson, being available to answer questions. 


As a PPA Expert you will need to:

  • Know our structured lessons inside and out (You will become an expert at one level with the opportunity to be expert at other levels too)
  • Be able to correct form and mistakes to keep our members safe and progress to their best potential.
  • Be encouraging and motivating at all times when interacting with our members
  • Bring energy and excitement to the community 
  • Be comfortable with going live inside our FB groups and on Zoom. 
  • Be active inside our members FB group 
  • Connect with all UPP / VIP members on a 1-1 basis. 
  • Update the member tracker sheet on a weekly basis.
  • Answer ALL the questions that members may have - always find out the answer if you don't know.
  • Be able to recommend other PPA lessons/workouts that can help areas that members may be struggling with, so they know what they need to do to level up. 
  • Be available a minimum of 3 times a week, including 1 day at the weekend. 

You will have a strong passion for pole and want to help others just starting out. Although being an instructor is not essential, having a key interest in becoming an instructor is a must. 


You will be given full access to all PPA content for you to study to be able to deliver our programme to the highest PPA standards. There will be a 1 month trial period for training and a chance to show your potential by demonstrating your ability to be part of the PPA team as a PPA Expert.



As this is a virtual position, you will need:

Access to a good level of Wifi

Access to a computer - desktop or laptop

Have a Facebook Account

Camera for Zoom and Facebook lives. 



Other bonuses you may have are:

Already being an Instructor or currently completing training

Have at least 2 years pole experience

Already a member of PPA and know all about our content and mission. 

Flexibility in the hours you are available. 


Note: this is not like any other normal instructor role, it's super unique, like us really! There is no teaching full classes required for this position. 



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